Custom Optical Streak Camera I675-TL-S20

Streak Cameras

Here at TitanLabs we seek to “Make light more measurable” and there is no better way to measure the temporal characteristics of light then to use a Streak Camera.  We have included an example below of TitanLabs expertise during the enhancement of a stock Imicon 675 streak camera.  Many of the features and results achieved can only be found on a TitanLabs optical streak camera.   These same Optical Streak Camera skills can be applied to your needs for similar optimization, characterization, design and build.

As an example, below is a set of features and specs based on testing from a TitanLabs Streak Camera:

Model Number: I675-TL-S20
Serial Number: 1001

What you would expect:

  • Integrated Hidden Uniblitz Shutter to protect the Cathode and Micro Chanel Plate.
  • A high-resolution Photek Micro Chanel Plate (MCP) to provide gaiting (Block retrace) and excellent Dynamic Range (>1000:1 to >10,000:1) depending on the MCP and CCD selected for the project.
  • A modern scientific grade CCD.
  • Spatial resolution > 180 detectable spatial elements.
  • Fully restored, repotted, reworked streak tube and camera body. TitanLabs works with HOFSTRAgroup ( who bring decades of experience restoring streak cameras to ensure that the heart of the system - the streak tube and sweep electronics are reworked and repotted as needed.
  • Computer control of MCP, shutter, CCD, sweep and retrace. We make control as simple as possible by allowing for one button configuration changes (focus mode, sweep mode, idle, etc.)
  • 55 scan speeds from 3ns to 300ns.

Exclusive TitanLabs Features:

  • Indexed Multiple Slit Slider (9 slit 50um to 8mm) (patent pending). Allows for the use of microscope slide resolution targets and calibration masks to setup your streak camera. Slit width printed on the mask for easier reference. Taped holes for mounting experimental hardware (e.g. a fiber array, etc.)
  • Master Trigger Timing (Auto adjust trigger Compensating Delay for each calibrated scan speed).
  • Encoded micrometer slit focus (z) adjustment. Allows operator to set focus for a given wavelength without inserting a resolution target.
  • X,Y Roll micrometer adjustment on front slit.
  • CCD roll translate and focus stages.
  • Panasonic Toughbook 31 laptop with tested lab view control system and calibration data preloaded.
  • Built in 200MHz usb Oscilloscope to set master trigger time or display sweep monitor signal.

Optical Streak Camera Services Offered:


  • Set optical and electrical focus
  • Set bias voltage (On some camera models)
  • Set CCD Rotation
  • Coordinate electronics rehab with HOFSTRAgroup and test after rehab


  • Temporal Resolution
  • Dynamic Range
  • Internal Delay
  • Streak Tube Distortions
  • Sweep Characterization

Full custom camera build:

Tell us what you need and hopefully we will come up with a solution that meets your needs and fits into your budget.

Partial camera build:

  • Incorporate a new CCD
  • Change slit to photocathode magnification
  • Change CCD to Phosphor/MCP magnification
  • Add a Micro Channel Plate
  • Add a Shutter
  • Add a Base Plate
  • Mate a Streak Camera to a Spectrometer
  • Design, draft and build fixturing to replace/upgrade current Streak Camera hardware.