Welcome to Titan Labs!

We’re an innovative photonics company focused on streak cameras (Perseus™ and Cronus™), and streak camera accessories like comb generators (Hyperion™).

Cronus™, Perseus™ and Hyperion™ are designed for users who need practical, high bandwidth streak cameras with 1 picosecond (Cronus™) and sub picosecond (Perseus™) of temporal resolution:

  1. Physicists working in high energy density applications like internal confinement fusion energy generation, nuclear weapons and basic science
  2. Biology and Chemistry researchers examining fundamental molecular processes like photosynthesis
  3. Academics interested in advanced ultra-high-speed imaging (Compressed Ultra-Fast Photography (CUP or TCUP)).

In addition, we offer performance enhancing, time saving features including:

  1. Indexed Multiple Slit Slider
  2. Master Trigger System
  3. Integrated comb generator that provides calibration information with every piece of data
Titan Labs
Titan Labs

Titan Labs was founded by Scott Andrews, a technician, designer and engineer with 18 years of experience building and working with streak cameras. Scott invented Perseus™ to address a specific customer need for a practical, reliable streak camera capable of measuring events on the 100 fs time scale accurately, reliably, and at wider bandwidths than anything available on the market.

If you’re interested in learning more, please contact us. We look forward to speaking with you!