In order to measure light you first need the mechanical hardware and optical elements to detect, mask, reflect and refract it.  At TitanLabs we are developing tools to improve the equipment that is currently available in the market through rethinking the tried and tested tools and saying we can make this better.

Indexed Multiple Slit Slider (IMSS)

The IMSS is our first product in this area.  The assembly is designed to be mounted to a ThorLabs XYR1 stage (https://www.thorlabs.com/thorproduct.cfm?partnumber=XYR1) giving it the ability to translate in the X and Y plain and rotate.

  • Allows use of Microscope Slide resolution targets and calibration masks to setup camera.
  • Slit width printed on the mask for easier reference
  • Equipped with taped holes for mounting experimental hardware (e.g. a fiber array, etc.).

Most streak cameras and spectrometers use a continuously adjustable slit. Typically, the continuously adjustable slit consists of a housing within which two blades are held in a mechanism that allows the two blades to be opened or closed with an adjustment knob.  Often there are markings on the knob that give an indication of the approximate  slit gap; however, it is difficult to know the exact size of the gap without inserting a feeler gauge.

Also, it is possible for mechanical problems to appear, for example, springs can degrade causing the slit blades to lose their parallel nature.

Another approach is a fixed slits model, however they cannot be quickly changed requiring time consuming bolt removal and installation.

Titan Labs
Titan Labs

The Indexed Multiple Slit Slider (IMSS) includes a slit mask.  This mask consists of a thin metal plate with several laser cut fixed width slits and corresponding width markings.  The carrier is designed to fit snugly inside the holder/base.  The ball and socket indexing system ensures the center-line for each slit arrives at the same location in the enter of the holder/base.  The taped holes in the carer base allow for mounting resolution slides, ND's and diffuser for setup and calibration and experimental mounting hardware for  data acquisition

In addition to streak cameras, this system could be used for
Spectrometer,  x-ray pinhole cameras (replace slits with pin holes), scanning slit of panorama camera, etc.

The following products are in development.

TitanLabs Leaver Lock Post Holder – Advantages over thumb screw locking mechanism post holder:

  • Ability to know if the post is loose or tight with a quick glance.
  • There is always post holding pressure on post during adjustment regardless of locking mechanism position.
  • User has the ability to vary the post holding pressure.
  • Ability to know that optimal clamping pressure is applied with a glance. No tools no guessing.
  • Utilizes a lever arm to provide more mechanical advantage when locking.
  • Will not damage or rotate posts when locking.
  • Large clamping area ~.23 square inches.
  • Every time only one smooth motion is required to engaged locking mechanism.

TitanLabs Leaver Lock Post Holder – Advantages over New Focus 9601 cam lock post holder:

  • When loose post can be inserted with one hand/ one motion The NewFocus 9601 requires one hand to hold the lever are open and another hand to insert the post.
  • Since the locking mechanism is independent of the holding pressure mechanism, there is no way to accidentally relieve pressure on the post while turning the locking knob.

Other products in this category include

  • Interlocking light shield
  • Key Lock Washer capture base plate.